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Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson

David Merrill

Best of TED for Teachers

Dan Meyer

Johnny Lee

Daniel Pink

The Surprising Science of Motivation

Demos Wii Remote Hacks

Demos Siftables

Math Class Needs a Makeover

Bring on the Learning Revolution!

Says Schools Kill Creativity

The American Automobile Association has millions of members, but it arguably has far less impact on the world than do the two thousand people who go to the TED conference each year. Seth Godin ~ Tribes

I love these TED talks! I hope you do too. If you haven't seen them, you should. It's like free college!


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    Why does the minon walk?
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    Dismal, soggy gregs briefly buy a gloggy, dismal minon.

  • JanelleCWierbo 2 years ago

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    Love this because I am a huge fan of Sir Ken Robinson!

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    I dont get it either

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